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Monica is Abu Dhabi's design guru.  Over the last 25 years she has designed everything from the most intricate websites to informative and eye catching collateral.  She believes that effective design is more than just an image, it’s an image that captures attention, elicits emotions and feelings and encourages people to react, thereby creating a lasting impression. Her experience is second to none, working with some of the biggest brands in the UAE, from malls to magazines.  Monica is also a Wix certified trainer and can get you up to speed on how to look after your site as well as empower you to grow it even further.  Contact her for all your design queries, even better if there is a single espresso involved,

+971 (0)56 745 6592

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With over 6 years of experience of writing content in the UAE, Asha can ensure that your brand's message is clear, consistent and above all representative of your business.  She also has an abundance of Marketing, Social media and PR knowledge which will help to promote your brand in the right light. Get in contact for all your content questions, she loves a good chat over a cuppa.

+971 (0)55 979 3814



Alison is a professional journalist with more than 10 years experience working in the media industry across the UK and the UAE. She has covered breaking news stories and celebrity events for newspapers, magazines and websites. Most recently she has held editor roles with family magazines and tourist guide publications. Whether you want media exposure, copywriting assistance or simply some guidance on how to best describe your business, drop her an email. A chat over coffee, and a cake, is one of her favourite to-dos.

+971 (0)55 334 6836

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